Tischa brings strong, convicting, dynamic, and engaging Bible-based talks to your events and conferences.

Talks & Teachings

Tischa’s Testimony

Rape, homelessness, and alcohol abuse are only part of the story.

The Thrill of Victory

How a miraculous Old Testament story can guide us to victory.

The Bride of Christ

Applying the wedding vows to our relationship with Jesus.

Carmel: A Look at Our Spiritual Stride

How long will we go limping between two opinions?

Romans 12:12: Joyful, Patient, Faithful

How to endure through our suffering.

Isaiah 40: Soaring is Just the Beginning

This powerful chapter has a surprise ending!

The Woman at the Well: Drawing People to the Water

What the Bible says about what’s holding you back.

Faith & Obedience

A closer look at Jonah’s obedience, and ours.

When God Says, “Let’s Go!”

Jesus calls us to move through His words in the Gospels.

Who Do You Say He Is?

Are you living a life that accurately reflects Jesus?

Rahab: A Window to Contentment

Lessons from a vulnerable Old Testament prostitute.

Jezebel: The Importance of Having Standards

How did God’s chosen people get a queen like her, and is she back?

Interactive Bible Study Sessions


Increase engagement and enthusiasm while going deeper into God’s

Setting Spiritual Goals

The perfect way to start a new year or a new season with a lesson from Esther.

Enemy Tactics

Recognizing the tactics that trip us up help us to keep our eyes on the Prize – Jesus!

Mirror Mirror

One obscure verse in Exodus teaches us about ministry.

The Walking Dead

A fun and fascinating journey into spiritual survival.

Thankfulness & Thanksgiving

This one comes with a fun game that will shift your perspective.

Forward March

Let’s be part of a movement for Jesus!

The Temptation Challenge

The challenge to overcome temptation is accepted!

7 Ways to Love Like Jesus

We explore the Gospels to learn how to love as He loves.

A Resurrected Life

(an Easter Teaching)

Trust Issues

When our faith is shaken to the core, how do we keep trusting God?

The Holy Spirit

Getting to know the One who dwells within us.


Understanding what it truly means to be set apart.

Breakfast with Jesus

John 21 impacts our walk in profound ways.


Connecting with Jesus through A.C.T.S. – 4 Sessions – Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and
Supplication are all explored in these interactive sessions.

Connecting with Jesus through A.C.T.S. – 4 sessions

Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication are all explored in these interactive sessions.

Love is … - 2 sessions

Reflective teachings based on 1 Corinthians 13.

Christmas Bible Study & Talks

The Christmas story is full of lessons that we can apply throughout the year. In Beyond His Birth, we discuss the main characters of the Nativity over 4 inspiring sessions.

Joseph: Righteousness

What does Joseph teach us about righteousness?

Mary: Favor & Grace

Is God’s favor exclusively for women like Mary?

The Wise Men: Seeking Jesus

How do we seek Jesus as the Wise Men did?

Jesus: Vulnerability

How can we follow Jesus in allowing ourselves to be vulnerable?

“Tischa has an amazing ability to research stories of the Bible and share her insights in a relevant and meaningful way. I have learned a great deal through her teachings and look forward to delving into each new study she writes.”

Monica L.