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Former wild child bringing authenticity and vulnerability to God’s Word

Mental health mom committed to breaking the stigma around mental illness

Passionate about Jesus and His precious ones (that’s you!)

Welcome friend! I’m glad you’re here!

I’m here to serve you by delivering God’s Word in ways that relate to our lives. The ultimate goal of my teaching is that women are drawn into a deeper connection with Christ and that we will all see our roles in His Kingdom.

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“I find that Tischa’s studies always bring something new to light. Her ability to see on a deeper and broader level in God’s Word is a gift. She will lead you to discoveries about both God and yourself with her questions. In this environment today one must either be of the world and deny Christ or be prepared to be unpopular. The Bible is full of unpopular women and we can learn through each of them with Tischa’s study. I just love Rahab. Let me be unpopular like her!”

Tracy C.