Mental Health Resources

As the mom of a mentally ill son, I know how hard it is to go it alone. Here are some resources recommended by friends who serve the mental health community or are in it themselves. I’m praying for you, my friend.


Bruised & Wounded by Ronald Rolheiser

Bipolar Disorder: A Guide for You and Your Loved Ones by Francis Mark Mondimore, MD

Experiencing and Overcoming Schizoaffective Disorder: A Memoir by Steve Colori

Schizoaffective Disorder: A Patient and Family Guide by Guenevere MacDonald

What You Feel, You Can Heal by John Gray, PhD

“Tischa speaks God’s Word with clarity and truth. No watered down message from her. I always walk away with something to apply in my life. She speaks and teaches with compassion and transparency plus a passion for her Savior. I love her teaching!”

Lydia L.