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Tischa would be happy to consider an in-person speaking opportunity at your next event. Please use the link below to share information about your event and request Tischa to join you by speaking or teaching.

Sample Clips

Our Identity in Christ through Joseph's Story
Crisp vs. Slouchy

Unpopular explores various women in the Bible who don’t have the best reputations. Women like Eve, Delilah, Jezebel and more take center stage each week as we uncover the lessons God has for us through them. Through Scripture readings, Tischa’s teachings and group discussion, we’ll discover how even the most sordid of our stories can lead us to Jesus. Currently, there are 8 sessions of Unpopular, which can be modified to suit your timeline. ​

What does Joseph teach us about Righteousness? How do we Seek Jesus as the Magi did? Is God’s Favor exclusively for women like Mary? How can we follow Jesus in allowing ourselves to be Vulnerable?

Beyond His Birth, explores the Christmas story as it unfolds in Scripture, highlighting the people present at Jesus’ birth. In four sessions, we learn about and discuss the main characters of the Christmas story and examine how we can apply God’s lessons for us to our everyday lives, even beyond the Christmas season. ​

Woe to Wow takes one of the most passionate chapters in the Bible and brings Jesus’ words into the present day. In Matthew 23, Jesus rebuked a group of men who started out with zeal to serve the Lord – the scribes and Pharisees. But as His death loomed, Jesus was so grieved by the scribes’ and Pharisees’ behavior that He said, “Woe!” seven times.

Through this 7-week study, we’ll learn how much the Pharisees initially resembled Christians and what that means for us today. We’re also going to use the things that grieved Jesus enough to say, “Woe!” and turn them around using Biblical teachings that will expand our faith, increase our joy and deepen our relationship with Him.

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