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Hopefully the Last Post You’ll Ever Read

Hopefully the Last Post You’ll Ever Read

Why do I struggle with writing?

The answer is simple. Because I don’t want you to read my words. I want you to read God’s Word. I don’t want you to listen to me. I want you to listen to Him.
This has been my internal tug-of-war with being a writer, and with platform building and networking. I’m not so interested in an audience as the Audience of One; or having others join me in a great audience before the One.
So why do I write at all? Why do any of it?
The answer is simple. Obedience.
Scripture is full of hesitant, sometimes downright unwilling, messengers. I can totally relate and take comfort in knowing that my trepidation doesn’t offend God. I write and speak because I’m called to write and speak. I walk the path laid before me.
Why am I telling you all this?
There are TONS of voices out there. And we’re in an age where we are seeking guidance and wisdom more than ever. A lot of gifted people are growing platforms and audiences at great rates right now. We are confused and hurting and broken and super tender. And we want people to speak into that. But who?
Here is who you should read, and who you should listen to.Someone whose message is Biblical. You won’t know if a message is Biblical if you don’t read the Bible yourself. Please read God’s Word, then you can test any message you come across.

Someone whose message is consistent. By consistent, I don’t just mean not flip-flopping, I mean that their message consistently points to Jesus.

Someone who, by all appearances, practices what they preach. Words and actions should line up. Period.

Someone who puts God’s Word over their own opinions and viewpoints. Sometimes what God says makes us uncomfortable. It’s not up to us to pick and choose what looks and sounds good to us.

Someone who is less about the latest fads and trends and more about the Rock solid, unchanging Kingdom of God.

Someone who points to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Scripture, not to themselves.

Another reason I’m doing this is YOU. I love you and I want you to know Jesus. Not the Jesus in the media. The Jesus that I know, who pulled me from a sad and dark place, who loves me and leads me. I write and speak because I want you to look to Him always.

Looking forward to being with you in His audience.


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