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Whoever tends a fig tree will eat its fruit. Proverbs 27:18 a

Sometimes you just have to take Scripture super literally, so I did a Google search.
How to tend a fig tree:
Plant it in the sun
Water thoroughly when soil is dry
In winter, move tree indoors – keep it warm
Prune during the time of least growth (winter)
Cut away suckers
Cut away dead/diseased wood
Remove branches that do not come from fruiting wood
Consider cutting back the main branches considerably
So what if I were a fig tree?
I will plant myself where I can receive full SonLight
When my spirit is dry, I will draw from the well and thoroughly receive Christ’s living water
When the environment is threatening and cold, I won’t stay in the wrong environment. I will seek His shelter and refuge
When I’m not growing, it’s time to start pruning
Anything that sucks my spirit, my time, my energy
Anything that is not life-giving, life-enhancing or life affirming
Anything that is unfruitful, unproductive or pointless in my life
I will consider setting boundaries on myself, making sure I am Spiritually fed and not overextended – Jesus is the Savior, not me.
I pray that this speaks to you today. That you tend to yourself well. That you flourish and bear much fruit in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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